If you do not follow these simple rules you will be asked to leave


Only enter in to a BDSM/Kink scene if you are aware, knowledgeable and capable of safe play.

Dress Code

  • We appreciate that it is much easier to dress for a fetish event as a woman than a man and although we don’t want to be too controlling over dress code we do ask that you dress to impress.

  • We don’t expect everyone who attends to choose to be in fetish attire but it is welcomed.

  • If you would prefer to wear ‘regular’ clothes then please keep it smart.

  • No sports clothes, jeans, trainers, tracksuits, workwear or hoodies.

  • If you are unsure please contact us here or on social media and we will be happy to help.

  • Make an effort!

Oh, do behave!

We adhere to the rules of the venue so please be aware that:

  • Anyone entering the main bar area agrees that they understand and accept the club rules.

  • Enter and exit in ‘regular’ clothing, you can change inside, or covered fully by an overcoat.

  • All entrance to the club must be 18 or over and I.D will be required.

  • No bad behaviour will be tolerated.

  • No food or drink should be bought in from outside, there is a fully licensed bar in the club.

  • The bar and lounge area are to be treated like any other bar, keep play to the dedicated areas and no nudity within the bar and lounge area.

  • There is a strict no photography policy and no camera or recording devices are allowed in play areas. Lockers are available to safely store your valuables.

  • Ensure you respect the venue and equipment and use the provided wipes to clean up any spills.

Kinky Consent parties are LGBTQ +  friendly, gender identity respecting and gender accepted as presented. We have a zero tolerance to homophobia, transphobia, biphobia, kink bashing or any other related discrimination or prejudice.

Are you ready for your close up?

  • As previously stated there is no photography within the venue.

  • We have our own photographer and he will be the only person taking photos.

  • Photos will be used on our social media and website, if you do not want your photo used please let us know on the night.

  • If you would like your photo taken please just ask and he will be happy to take it.

  • If you would like to purchase any photos from the event please give your email address to the Hostess and watch out for the online gallery.


  • Be aware of other people and space when starting your scenes.

  • Be respectful and considerate to each other.

  • Never enter anyone else’s scene without being invited or asking permission.

We were all Newbies once...

  • Please be aware that we cater to all experience levels and many in attendance may be new to or inexperienced with BDSM and Fetish.

  • They may not understand the protocol or how things work.

  • Whilst we aim to assist, inform and educate we can’t be everywhere at once so be kind to others.

  • As a community we can all assist in welcoming novices and help them to gain knowledge and experience.

  • If you are new or nervous please find the Hostess who will show you around, answer your questions and make you feel at home.

And finally...

  • By engaging in any form of consensual play activity, each individual acknowledges they are responsible for their own and their partners’ safety, both during and after playing.

  • Players are also responsible for ensuring the safety of others around them, cleaning up after play (we provide cleaning products) and disposing of used product in the bins provided.

  • Although the venue is fully equipped with apparatus it is advised to bring along your own personal play accessories such as collar/cuffs, impact equipment, gags, blindfolds…

  • Individuals are responsible for negotiating their own activities. We do not condone playing whilst intoxicated or under the influence of any enhancers, please play responsibly.

We want all our guests to enjoy their time at Kinky Consent events. If you see something that goes against our policies please inform the Hostess.